Monday, April 15, 2013


Want to know what's 'Sup with us? Craziness!  That's what!

- Charlie is ... almost 4 months old.  I don't count weeks anymore. No one (besides doctors) really cares how many weeks your kid is.  If you go by months they get a general idea.  He may be like 15 weeks now?  I should probably figure that out.  Anyway, he had his first ear infection last week.  I've seen enough of those before that I knew what was up so I got him to the doctor quick!  I think it's all better now.  Being sick caused him to sleep more and heavier for a few days and he's actually been sleeping a little better since.  I'm kinda hoping that the sickness "reset" him in terms of sleeping and crying.  He still isn't sleeping through the night, but he is doing much longer stretches between eating.  However, we are still waking up 4-7 times a night to resettle him and put that darn pacifier in his mouth!  At four months (in a couple weeks) we will officially start sleep training - or the "cry it out" method as some call it.  It'll be rough, but I look so forward to him being able to self soothe!  

- Savannah is amazing.  She has been so patient, helpful, encouraging, and delightful.  I thought she was a gift before we had Charlie, but now I know she is the most amazing gift we could have been given in a daughter.  One great thing I am noticing about her more and more is that she never lies.  She is becoming a very trustworthy girl. Every so often she gets wrong ideas, or even a little confused - and like a lot of us, she is convinced that what she believes to be true is true.  That seems like lying, but actually, it's just ignorance and we're all guilty of that at some point.  

- Travis got his motorcycle running last weekend.  If you didn't hear, he got this older motorcycle from a friend last fall and road it for a couple weeks and then it got way too cold.  He took the bike out last weekend one day ( think it was like 50 degrees out) and he came back freezing!  Seems that the air gets to be about 20 degrees colder when you're going 40 miles an hour.  We're all tired of the cold weather here, but that motorcycle in the drive way is just taunting  him!  

- I've been busier lately. I started working more hours at church.  We're in a weird time of transition in our ministry.  Our high school pastor is heading out in June to plant a church in Cedar Falls, IA and our new guy doesn't start until a couple weeks after that.  Lately I have gotten to spend a lot of time meeting  with all kinds of high school girls, leaders, potential leaders, and potential interns.  In June Travis and I are leading a trip with some students to Minneapolis for a few days.  Another reason we'd like Charlie to sleep better - so he doesn't give my parents so much grief when we're away!  And did I mention that I picked now to start running again? 




Whats the new church in Cedar Falls? That's my neck of the woods!

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