Monday, April 15, 2013


I just noticed that I never posted this.  I've seen people on instagram using the term "latergram" - so here's my "laterblog" from about two weeks ago. 

We had fun celebrating Easter again.  It's really my favorite Holiday.  I think because the older I get the more I realize my need for a savior.  He DIED.  Completely.  And on Easter, he defeated Satan's power over me!  We should celebrate Pentecost too.  I think that might be my favorite too - if we celebrated it. 

The last couple years we have done this count down to Easter thing with Savannah.  Starting 12 days before, Savannah gets to open up an Easter egg that has something in it representing a story about Jesus.  We read the story to her and talk about it as a family.  It's been so fun for all of us to remember how great Jesus' presence on earth was.  And how far his power extended.  
This is Savannah praying on the 11th day. Love it when she prays. 

Here's our kids on Easter day.  They're cute. 

Savannah was trying to "help" Charlie smile. 

I always try to get a good picture of us on Easter - when we're all actually dressed up.  But this year was another fail. Come on people. Savannah says she was making some super hero face. I guess this is what our family really is :) 

Yo guys - check me out! Easter stud. 

So for this special Easter breakfast I reheated pancakes from the day before (because Saturday is the only day I might ever have the chance to actually cook breakfast) and garnished it with strawberries and yogurt covered raisins.  The one ear that is missing is the only part of the pancake Savannah actually ate.

Our church is great. Always. I doubt you will ever hear me complain about the services at our church.  

No pictures for the rest of the day, but we spent it at my parents house stuffing our faces with Easter ham and then not really doing much.  Rest is worshipful too.  But that's a blog for another day.  


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