Sunday, June 9, 2013

What annoys me about kid parties

Have you ever looked at kid's birthday parties on Pinterest?  They are seriously dumb.  
I mean, isn't a Birthday party supposed to be geared at who's ever birthday it is? Come on moms - get with it.  
Let me comment on some things I've seen from a kids perspective: 

I'm so glad my mom spent all day laying out this dessert table because I DID NOT want to play with her.  I was mostly concerned that the table would look excellent - and that we would have several options of desserts because cake isn't enough and everyone knows that. 

And I really like the antiques my mom incorporated here.  I'm turning 4 *yeah, this is from a FOUR YEAR OLD PARTY* and I'm super into trunks and old glass doors.  I'm glad I don't like to run around and crash into them.  And the gift bags up by the glass windows was genius because no one would ever try to reach up to get one and fall into a window!  

My mom did all glass for my birthday for environmental reasons. And that's cool because we all like it when adults constantly yell at us to slow down and watch out because we're running around with glass mason jars.  I also like paper straws a lot because they kind of melt in my mouth and I can swallow them.  Plastic straws are all sturdy and last all morning.  

I wanted to play, but instead my mom spent all afternoon sewing up pouches of crayons that my friends will just throw into their box of other crayons.  No one will appreciate the pouch thing with the special tag on top, but I sure appreciated it when my mom was stressed to get dinner ready because she worked on this all day! 

When I was one, my mom made this ultra boring, brown hats.  I don't like colors anyway.  I'm one, and everyone knows that kids like neutral colors. 

 Other kid party pet peeves: 
- Labeling food. Yeah, I know those are cookies and kids can't read anyway.  No need to make special food signs. Kids don't care and adults can figure it out. 
- Crazy expensive / designed invitations. Everyone just looks at the date, writes it down, and throws the invite away, right?  I know it made you feel awesome when you spend $12.99 on 25 pictures of your kid to mail out, but come on.  No one kept it. 

In all - how about you just skip all the theatrics and spend time hanging/playing/ and loving on your kids.  THAT is what they will remember and love you for.  Forget the "theme".  Forget "pulling it all together".  Pinterest creates unreal expectations sometimes and our kids don't need that.  They need moms.  They need fun.  They need to be kids. 

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