Monday, June 17, 2013

Why did God do that? Babies.

Today (thursday) was our second day in a trip that Travis and I are getting lead in Minneapolis with some of our high schoolers.  The trip consists of us joining in with several local ministries to show and share the love of Christ with people in the city.  This morning we went to a place where they had a kids club going on at a near by park and also a ladies day happening at the center.  Our group was asked to play with and love the kids at the park.  We were ready to go when one of the staffers asked if one or two of us might stay back in the nursery to help with the ladie's small children and babies.  I immediately knew I should.  Maybe it was because I'm missing my own baby, or because I'm the only adult female or because the Holy Spirit prompted me ((likely all three), but this kinda thig is not in my big of tricks - or so I thought.  6 months ago, having to stay back and help with the smallest ones would have ruined my day, and possibly this trip for me.  Especially when it ended up being a small room with 20 small kids and 5 babies and 4 adults - of which I was the oldest, most confident, and most experienced with kids.  **enter long sigh and internal eye rolling **

So what's this post all about?  Was it the life shattering experience I had always known it to be? No!  God was SO faithful!  
As the day went on, one baby at a time would have an inconsolable fit.  No one else could do a thing to settle their poor souls. Each time I had not only the experience, but the patience and the intuition to take that child and calm them almost instantly - half the time just putting them to sleep.  What??  This is the power of James 1:1 at work. 
"Consider it PURE JOY when you face trials of many kinda because you know that the testing of your faith developes perserverance."   
I was prepared for such a day as this. 
I am so thankful for all those days and nights of working with Charlie, listening to Charlie, and mostly, praying that God would have purpose and use for those times.  In one new (but not complete way) he has again made me a new creation. 


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