Monday, November 18, 2013

My Journey into higher learning

I've been doing youth ministry at Cornerstone Church for almost 10 years, 6 of which I have been employed there part time.  I love my job.  I was once challenged to think through the kinds of things I am most fueled by and to think of my dream job in relation to that - what I came up with was Tour Guide!  That's a kind of funny dream job - but when I think about what I do at Cornerstone, it's pretty similar.  Through out my week I get to host people at our church at in our home.  I get to teach them about things that I have learned and open their eyes to a new view.  I get to solve problems here and there and I get to be a part of where we are going.  Pretty amazing.

In the last few years Cornerstone has begun to offer Masters level theology classes.  Many of the men I work with, and some of the woman have taken these classes and already received a Masters in Theology.  Yay for them! It takes a lot of work to do something like that.  Recently, it has been put in front of me that I too ought to consider taking these classes.  There are several reasons that have been brought to my attention by co-workers, superiors, and Travis that I agree with and I'm not going to go into - but overall I am getting the feeling (spiritually and logically) that I will soon be enrolled in CLASSES!  I am 32 years old.  I have no undergrad degree.  I have never liked school and even dropped out of Kindergarten for peat's sake!  And here I am, about to take Masters level classes.

I've been working through some pretty significant insecurities the last few weeks.  I wasn't aware that those were still laying around in the depth of my soul.  I'm a ridiculously secure person over all.  When I think of reading books and comprehending them and having a dead line and writing a paper…. I cry a little.  Not always outwardly, but always in my heart. I am a terrible reader.  I'm not illiterate.  I just can't just read and get it.  Not at all.  Most adults I know can.  They talk about the books they are reading for fun or entertainment or to better their parenting.  I try.  I do.  But when it takes me 10 minutes to fight through 3 pages….. So here are some truths I've discovered about this:

Truth #1: Satan wants to kill and destroy me.  He wants me to believe that I am Dummy McDummerson.  He wants me to quit.  To think that I cannot understand what others can and that I cannot do anything that is hard or would require something more than I personally can give.  Satan wants nothing good for me and will do anything to bring me harm.

Truth #2: It is not up to Wendy Sue Pierce to figure out the key to understanding the depths of wisdom that explain the Word of God.  That's the role of the Holy Spirit.  I have no business worrying about how I will get myself to do something that only He can do in me.

Truth #3: I have a great husband who is willing to love and support me.  Jesus is totally on my side and one way He has shown that is by giving me a husband, Travis Pierce, who is also on my side.  He has already championed for me with encouragement and grace.  In actuality - he is the student of the house and he would much rather be the one enrolled in a class of any kind.  But by his servanthood and love for me and for what God is doing in and with my life - he's giving this to me.

So I'll keep you posted.
 Back to school, back to school to prove to dad that I'm no fool.
 - That's a movie quote for the older crowd - I don't actually have to prove anything to my dad.  :)


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