Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Peacock Princess Dancer and Pajama Party

Still catching up here folks! 
Halloween was a few weeks ago - did you know that? :) Savannah came up with this grand idea of a costume to be a Princess Peacock Dancer thing… I think she just saw several things she wanted and put them together.  She's pretty smart.  I bought (what seems to be) an old dance costume from a second hand store and my mom did the rest.  She sewed real peacock feathers on the back and then found and added to the mask.  If you can't tell by the pictures, Savannah felt pretty awesome. 

Since it was almost bed time by the time trick or treat started, Charlie went as "Pajama Party boy" - which means he wore his PJs and tried to stay warm/awake.  We have some real party goers around our neighborhood when it comes to Halloween.  Several of our neighbors had dressed up and put out yard displays. There was even a fog machine across the street that filled the entire street with a cloud.  It was pretty amazing. 

My parent's neighbors, Mark and Roy, had a pretty extensive display also.  Those giant spiders were hilarious.  Savannah was walking up the side walk and they jumped ON her.  She freaked out.  This picture was after when she had decided they were cool.  

Savannah came in with a truck load of candy for sure, and yes, we let her eat it.  All of it.  Not right away but over a few weeks.  Because we're like that.  


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