Friday, April 17, 2009


If you are tired of seeing adorable pictures of my pumpkin angle then turn away now!  (Next blog will be wordy and serious, I promise). 

Here is Savannah playing "guess what I've been eating" - guess, really..
Fists full of DOG FOOD!  Here she is tring to hide it from me in the bathroom. 
Just like her parents, she will never do anything normal.  I think this was only her third solo ride down the slide. 
Savannah must stand all the time - even if there's not room, like in a tunnel. 
Our family on Easter.   Travis made us all wear matching outfits because he thinks it's cute.  
Savannah didn't really get the Easter egg hunt but it made for nice pictures.  She also tried some grass.  



Great pictures! Laughed or awwwwed at every one :-)


seriously cute!! Also, I laughed all the way through... you should always post pictures!


i love seeing pictures of Savannah. she is SOo adorable! :)

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