Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Product Placement

In going with my "things I love" theme (hence, every blogg is about my family or things I use) I decided to write up a little ditty called...

Topping the list we have this new aaddition ESV Study Bible. I read it every day (almost). I've read NIV and NLT study Bibles before so I wasn't so stoked to open this one up but my oh my - I should have been! It has great insight to everything and awesome maps and really really cool stuff in the back. Highly recommended.
Next I present you with Old Navy coral sandals. Not much I can say about these, but I love them. Got them on sale at the beginning of the summer for 5 bucks!
I know Oxy Clean was on my "As seen on TV" post, but I can't get over it. We use it ALL the time for EVERYTHING! Even clears up warts! :) But seriously, the last time I used it was when Travis rode his bike home in the rain and splashed mud all over them. Like a genie.

This is what gets me out of flossing. The Crest Spin Brush rings in at $6 and spares me the agony of daily flossing. The last time I went to the dentist I totally fooled them! I can't imagin actually BRUSHING my teeth anymore. It's great. Just move it around a little and the whole job's done.
Munchkin Sippy cups have been good to us. I know a lot of people that use NUBY, but savannah just throws those down and they spill everywhere! More like "drippy cups" for us. The Munchkin cups don't pop open on us and are a perfect fit for her little hands! Love them!
Now I realize that my hair is less than lacking most days. I'm just too lazy/unmotivated to go through the whole hair due process on the average day. BUT I'm lovin the Big Sexy Hair products. I've loved their hair spray for years, but recently got into their boosting gel and shampoo. Mix these winners with any hair dryer and VAVOOM!
Save the best for last, right? This is kinda personal so look away if you don't want to know - I've always had those razor bumps after I shave. Always! Finally this summer I saw this product and had to have it. I'll try anything. Got it and wouldn't ya know - works like a charm! Ya gotta use it for a couple days after shaving, but it really does away with the unsightly rash. Good deal.
One product I would like to try is called "Wrecking Balm". I think it would make my list if I had it. It's a tattoo remover cream/system I saw an ad for on tv one day. It claims to painlessly remove your tattoo when applied every day for 60 - 180 days. I would totally have it but it's like $140 for a two month supply. If you would like to use me as a test animal I would gladly take any Wrecking Balm you may purchase in the future and try it on my skin before you use it on yours. Just let me know.

Thanks for caring.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

reasons why I haven't been blogging #2

Travis ran in 4th on the 4th ( a 4k race at Ada Hayden) and got 3rd place in his age group.
The week before that his brother and wife and kids were here. Here they're "playing" with the girls at the park.
Sav and cousin Lani on the slide. Savannah isn't as skilled as Lani yet. They had a really fun time playing together. Lani taught Savannah all kinds of new things to do. I think I need to get her around older kids a little more often.
Just another day at Big Creek Lake.
I'm lucky to have a baby and a husband who love spending time in the water as much as I do.
Heart Breaker. I'm going to miss this face in Panama.
If you look close you can see the drool on her chin. She's been teething the last couple weeks. We never had trouble with teething before but this time has been extra rough!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still alive

I felt like it was time to let you all know that we're still kickin - just not online too much these days. Here's some high lights:

1. Travis is done with his summer classes. Two more out of the way and two more closer to getting his masters!

2. Savannah learned to take her diapper off. I'll spare you the details. Use youre imagination.

3. Travis' brother, his wife, two kids, and their friend Megan came to stay with us for a few crazy but really fun days.

4. I started reading through Genesis.

5. Travis is leaving in a week for a trip to Minneapolis called "STEM" - it's a student missions trip with our high schoolers. He'll be gone for 4 days.

6. The following Thursday I will leave for Panama for 10 days! Travis' parents are coming to help out with Savannah. I have so many lists of things to do/buy/lists to make ect.....

See ya soon!

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