Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Here we go again....

School is starting back up this week and that means so is Escape!

Travis and I have devoted much of our time, life, energy, and hearts to the high schoolers in the Ames area. Summer brings a time of randomness and relaxing. It's been a good summer ministry wise. We've had some good talks with students on the porch. We took a couple weeks off. We had a good time.
Well, things are winding back up! Tonight we have a dinner with the Escape staff. Friday and Saturday we have a leader training. Sunday we have a meeting with our Core students. And Wed we kick off the year at Escape!
This year will be even more crazy for us with Savannah being much more moble and needy. Travis and I are both leading Bible studies this year (one on Monday, one on Tuesday) so that's another thing too.
Please pray for Travis and I as we enter this year. Pray for peace and grace in all we do. Pray for calm in the midst of life flying around us. Pray for family time and marriage time. Pray for life change in our students!!!!
See ya in December!


Life As We See It

It's so awesome to see you guys still devoted to Escape! I love hearing how God is moving in that ministry and in you and Travis' life. I am praying that you will find time for family and marriage and that God will give you resounding peace as life gets crazy! Miss you guys lots!

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