Sunday, August 2, 2009

Panama update

So on July 23rd I left for my latest adventure in Panama. Travis and I had decided serveral months ago that God wanted me and now him to go. I had flipped flopped a lot on my feelings about the trip but in the end I knew I needed to go. The night before I left was a hard one. I cried a lot about missing Savannah. Then when I woke up at 3:30 to get ready to go I felt totally spiritually attacked. I had a migraine and I felt very fearful about the trip and about leaving my family. Travis prayed for me the whole way to the airport. Once I got past the security gate though I felt fine.

The trip was great - for me, the students, and the people of Piriati Panama. I only had one hard night of missing my baby. I was able to call home and check in every day, I was surrounded by not only Americans from our group that love me but also Embera people that love me, the Holy Spirit worked in great ways to fill us in on what we should do with our time there, lives were changed, the Bible was taught, and I'm glad I went. I can give you many more details later - I'm still reflecting and remember what's important.
Anyway, here's some snippets of my trip in picture form:

Here's me - pretending to enjoy my 4th trip to the Panama Canal. I'm telling you- the most boring sight you'll ever see.
This is my good friend Yoellie. We've been best buds for years. I love watching her grow up.
This was a new sight for me to see. Colonial Panama - it's the second oldest part of Panama city and this guy was entertaining me!
This is our group and theirs. The church in Piriati has about 12 families in it and most of them came out to wish us farewell.
Trip highlight!: One night we split into small groups and went to people's homes for dinner! This family was a joy to be around and to learn about. They call the old guy "Abuelo", which means "grandfather" because like half the village is related to him.
Here's me with Leonora. She's a sassy Embera lady!
Another highlight!: We hosted a family day where the families finger painted pictures of their homes and families! It was sooooo fun!
Here a group of girls swarm over the pictures of Savannah I brought. One girl told me that she "looks like she has an attitude" - YEP!



Thanks for the pictures Wendy! Brings back lots of awesome memories. I'm glad the Holy Spirit came through for you. I'm sure your family in Piriati was glad to have you and be blessed by the church family again. I bet Savannah was SO happy to see her mommy when you got home :)

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