Saturday, August 8, 2009

last week

Last week was a great summer week. Here's a few high lights:

We took a family trip to the pool on Tuesday. Travis had the day off so why not? My mom got us all a family swim pass for Carr Pool which has been great. We can go and splash around for an hour and not feel like we just blew $15 on one hour.

She likes the kiddie pool, but she loves the big pool! She's getting to be a good kicker and is an expert at holding her breath!
The harvest IS plentiful! When I got back from Panama our garden was busting with yellow and red tomatoes, cucumbers and onions! Let me know if you want some - really! Savster actually likes to eat tomatoes like their apples.

Savannah rocked a sick pone earlier this week.
And we finally got her a little tiny bike helmet so she can go riding with Travis.

This is Jasey.


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