Tuesday, September 22, 2009

In the last week or so....

Things we/I've been doing and thinking:
- getting more used to the mac. I've been told this could take up to two months. Making the video for sure was the encouragement I needed to keep trying!
- Painted the pontoon boat, then went out on the boat.
- Played on the giant blow up slide with the 25 people that come to the Farner's house for connection group. Leann had it there for her birthday. Savannah LOVED it! Okay, I loved it too! Thanks Farners!
- Ames High Homecoming Parade. Ames Hi, Aims High!
- I need to clean more. nuff said.
- Does my giving someone grace also allow for excuses in what they do? (blog on this topic to come)
- I'm not an organic, organized, administrative, natural mom, nor do I want to be and that's ok.
- I've been a Christian for almost 11 years and yet, it seems like it hasn't been all that long since my life changed for eternity! That's amazing!
- Date night with Travis (Carlos for dinner, then some good old "Thursday night Comedy night done right on NBC".
- Big event with the high schoolers in 3 weeks! I better get workin!
- Annnd, some pictures of Savannah playing with her Busy Ball Popper for good measure. (and for you Travis. I know you hate it when I don't post Sav pictures)

She got this toy for CHristmas but is just now really getting it.


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