Monday, September 14, 2009


I caught her on camera sleeping. This is a rare picture.

For all those who are SOOO interested in our lives - here's Savannah's current sleeping schedule.

7am Wake up

9:15am go to crib and make noises hoping someone will come play
9:30am nap in crib
11am wake up for lunch

1:30pm go to crib and run around making mommy think I'm destroying the room. No one comes.
1:45pm sleep
3pm get up and play play play

7pm 8oz bottle in my rocking chair in my room/book
7:15 play it all cutesy because I know they're getting ready to put me to bed, fight it! fight it!
7:20 sleeping for the night

9pm wake up and cry until someone lays me back down - go right back to sleep

I've been told that she should be down to one nap a day now, but hey - I'm not going to push it! She sleeps for long stretches so I know she does need all that sleep.
We started Savannah on a sleeping/eating schedule on day 3 of her life. It's been so good to us. I can totally predict when we need to be home for naps and when I will be able to run around town. It makes it easy to plan ahead! I've also always been able to tell what her needs are most of the time (is she hungry, does she need sleep?). We thrive on it.
That's us.


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