Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Building update - sorta

I went out to the church on Saturday morning to help out with the new building. They are asking for volunteers on Fridays and Saturdays for anyone else who might be interested. You can help with any kind of skill level and you can even bring the kiddios with you to help too!

Let me first tell you that I got to drive this thing around. Up and down and all around. It's soo fun. I think I know what Savannah feels like when we show her a new toy.
This is the new auditorium. It's lookin good! The lights aren't on in there yet so it's kind of dark, but you get the point. If go out to check out the building ever, make sure to check out the bathrooms! I totally love the tile in the men's room. FYI. There's so much style in this place!
This is what I did most of the time I was out there. Can you see what' happening behind the fog?
It's my dad spraying paint! I love how the picture above totally captured what it looked like in there. The paint fog doesn't really bother me or my dad because we've been around it so much, but I guess it irritates the other workers. My dad has been working looooong hours to get stuff done while everyone else is gone. He works 13 hour days sometimes. I'm pretty proud of my dad.
This is just a fun picture of Savannah at the Ames High Homecoming parade last week. She loves that Ames High fight song just like her mommy!
Students of Ames Senior High... Proud of our school are we! Cheering the orange and the black.. on to a victory, Rah rah rah!
Okay - they did lose their homecoming game, but it wasn't a fair match up! Valley? Come on!


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