Friday, October 9, 2009

The end of the garden

Since the ground it's likely to freeze this weekend, I had to go out today and begin the end of the garden. I planted a bunch of bulbs this spring that ended up being my favorite thing this summer/fall but if I want to plant them next year then they have to come out before it freezes. As I began to dig them up this morning, I thought of a few things I learned this summer in regards to gardening:
1. If your dad (who's being working the ground for 40 years) tells you something, just listen. (you're planting those too close together, put those in earlier, there are too many of those...)

2. Plant way fewer tomatoes! We just couldn't keep up and ended up just losing a lot of good produce.

3. Lay down a good layer of wood chips EARLY on!

4. Get some good wire stands for tomatoes and other plants.

5. Rip up more of the back yard for flowers. f

6. Be more patient! The stuff that took a little longer to really come up was the best stuff!
Good bye beautiful, tall canas! I'll see you next year!
Little miss had a good time helping me dig in the dirt. Took a little bit for her to get into it though.

This is just a random picture of Travis enjoying the Office last night. I love that show as much as the next guy - as long as the next guy isn't Travis. I don't know if anyone loves it as much as Travis.


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