Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mrs Pierce, reporting in

Travis has conferences tonight and tomorrow and wont be home until after 8pm. He might not even get to see Savannah so I'm blogging about our day for him. He can't check facebook at work, but I guess he can check this - So Just for you Travis - he's what we've been doing...

I made pancakes this morning. When I was pregnant with Sav I made pancakes every day and got really good at it! Obviously I'm a little rusty!

This is Savannah enjoying her first bite..... or not enjoying it.
Savannah loves to tease our dog so today I showed her how to nicely give him a treat. Went well. He's pretty good at taking them gently so I wasnt too worried that her whole hand was in his mouth.
These are from the other day. She finally found a lovey to play with! She loves this bear that Hope Arthur gave her. She hugs it and feeds it and reads to it and sometimes she give him the business.

This is my leg today - it's gross. I had a questionable spot cut out of it yesterday. I guess they were worried it would grow into something else someday so the dr just took the entire thing out. It's pretty sick.


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