Thursday, October 22, 2009

What do I do?

I was recently asked " Wendy, what DO you do all day anyway?"
Here's the answer you've all been waiting for....

We get up between 6:30 and 7:30 most days. Sav drinks a bottle while I lay in bed and watch the Today show.
By 8:00 we're up and playing, but don't always have clothes on.
8:30, dressed, sometimes bathed, and then we play. Savannah spends about 40% of her waking hours on the stairs right now.
At some point we do all the typical morning stuff.
Around 9/9:30 she goes back down for a nap. I am left to clean up from the morning and the night before.
I also am committed to using this time for my morning time with God. I also try to write back to the girls from my small group in journals.
Since it's too cold out in the mornings to go walking these days, I started getting work out dvds from the library. This one's called "the firm". It's due back today. I liked it.
Sav wakes up by 11 and has lunch. I check facebook.

We head off to pick someone up for lunch at the high school. On this day we got stood up. It happens at least once a week.
Sorry Savannah. All dressed up and no where to go.... but
If we aren't having lunch with someone, sometimes we go out to the church to do some work for Escape. This is the desk I share with Clint and Chase.

This is how Savannah feels about working in the office.
But since we were stood up today I ran to the store. Savannah wanted to run IN the store so I popped her in the cart. SHe loved it.
But then we found halloween costumes.

When we got home we played again and she took a nap at 1:30. Then I have lunch and work on stuff like this, and


And this.... (video I made for Escape)

Sometimes I make phone calls and do other random "taking care of business" type things.

Then Savannah gets up and we 1.Go to a park or 2. meet with some high schoolers or leaders or 3. BOTH!

OR sometimes I have meeting with these guys and we talk about Escape stuff for a couple hours while Jasey watches Sav.
After that I make dinner, then Travis comes home and we have Bible studies or Escape or whatever else happens to be up for the night. Hope you enjoyed my day!


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