Sunday, July 4, 2010

4: This is vacation

I'm starting today with a picture from the night before that I didn't put up.  We went to eat dinner at this whole in the wall sea food place (I had a burger) and while we were waiting, some boats went by.  It was so fun to show them to Savannah.  She just loves all things water.  Did I mention she's also into mermaids these days?

Savannah got up at 6am ready to rock, so by 8:30 we were at the beach.  She actually likes the pool better right now.  Travis thinks it's because she's in control in the pool and not so much in the strong waves at the beach.  But Travis likes the beach better so we did that first.

Then we hit up the pool.  They have 3 pools right by the beach, but of course Savannah likes the kiddie pool best.  We like it too cause we can just lay back while she plays!  We did this for about an hour, then back to the beach, then back to the pool.  We were out playing from 8:30 until noon.  Savannah ate so much at lunch, then slept for 4 hours.  She really needed it by then!

A clown and a couple dancers from a Cerq show came by.  We thought they would put on a show or something, but they just awkwardly handed out sun block. 

So Savannah took a nap, I went and laid out by the beach, then Travis went running. Yeah, he's been working out every day we've been on vacation.  He's pretty into it!  
After nap time we had dinner, then headed to this super fun place with fountains, a play area, and a live band.  It was really fun. 

That's my brave Savannah.  Just runs face first into the water.  

I thought I should probably have a picture at some point of the twins! I dont think I've ever called them that!  Well here they are.  They look less alike as they get older I think.

And Family picture of the day.  It was hard enough to get her to sit still for one, no time to take a second one where EVERYONE was smiling.



It's pouring rain here today so I'm reading your blog and living vicariously through you this weekend :-) Miss you guys!

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