Saturday, July 3, 2010

Annnd we made it - to the beach.

can you see Savannah running out ahead of everyone in her little pink suit?  This was her first time to the beach. 

We crammed Savannah's car seat into the mini van with Lani and Maggie.  Greg said Sav's car seat is like a throne.  It IS.  I didn't realize how huge it was until we got it here.  It's kinda funny.
We went to the beach twice today.  Once in the morning for a couple hours, then later Savannah and I went for an hour while Travis played Basket ball with his Brother.  Do you think Savannah likes it?

Savannah really liked running into the waves, then running away from the waves was her favorite I think.  She's pretty tough so she really doesn't even mind when she gets plowed over by a big one.  Photo not included - but Travis loves body surfing.  He was so funny.  He kept running back up to us saying "I went SOooo far!  Did you see it? Watch me!"

I love how maggie is going down in this picture.  As hard as you try, doing things with toddlers is always a little bit chaos.

And this one to prove that I am in fact in Florida with my family.  It seems like moms never make it into the pictures unless they work for it :)

As for oil - here's what is looks like here.  It's in the sand about 6 inches from my foot.  Can you even see it?  There are small spots around the beach.  If you step in it it just looks like a brown smudge on your foot.  There are brushes and wipes at the beach to use for wiping it off.  It's really not a big deal.


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