Saturday, February 12, 2011


On the occasion that we don't have set plans on Friday nights, we've started having family craft night.  
This week: making Valentines
This was Savannah's (and Travis') first time to make Valentines so it was pretty fun.  Also both their first time making crafts with glitter and glue.  So special!  

Don't mind Savannah's evening gown.  It's just a little something she likes to pull out at special times...or all the time.
 She and Travis both got really into the glitter.  We got out a pan and had a rule that all the glitter had to stay in the pan - of course there's random glitter all over our house now anyway.
 Savannah is really good at squeezing the glue.  Actually, that's not true - but she was really good at trying.

 One of my favorite things was when Travis got upset because he wanted only certain colors of glitter and the fuzzy balls to be put in only certain places on the valentines that he'd worked on.  I love that he's so artistic and creative that even this small craft means the world.  I hope Savannah learns to take her crafts so seriously.


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