Friday, February 25, 2011

Carpet Stain, you're no match for......

When Savannah and I were making our smoothies this morning, she was really excited about putting tons of blueberries in the Ninja (more on the Ninja later).  So when she came running into me from the living room saying "uh oh, my smoothie spilled" I freaked a little inside. This is what I came into:
So, I calmed down, ran into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of hot water, my oxi clean spray bottle, and my ShamWows.  Although I've always been a strong supporter of these things, I've never actually had the chance to test them on the "hard to tackle" stains they promise to help with.  I sprayed the oxi on the stain, then it looked like this:

Is that better or worse?  I dont know.  I wasn't super optimistic at this point.  So I rolled the ShamWow on the stain and patted and rolled it again.  And....

Say What???  One spray of the Oxi and one pass of the Sham and WOW!  Stain almost all gone!  So I did it one more time and ....

Yeah, it actually worked.  NBD (No Big Deal).   So, long blog post short - that As Seen on TV stuff - not (always) so bad.  Stain 0 , Wendy 1.


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holy crap i'm impressed! but i have a shamwow and it never works like this for me. maybe i'm using it wrong. but how in the heck do you use a rag the wrong way?

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