Monday, March 28, 2011

Road Triiiiip

Travis was home for spring break last week so we took what has become our annual spring break trip - to the outlet mall by Iowa City.  I know, fancy, right?
They have pretty good deals there.  
Savannah did better this time than ever before.  She brought her own clothes in to dressing rooms and tried them on, and helped me pick some things.  And after we went to a few stores and she obeyed really well, we took her to Toys R Us.  Her first time in a Toy store.  She's getting really good at knowing she has to leave most of it behind in the store but it's fun to look.  Travis let her pick out a toy to buy this time though.  First time we've actually purchased a toy for her from a store that was more than $5.  I can't believe we made it this long off of hand me downs and gifts!  He gave her a choice between a Cinderella doll with tons of little pieces and a light saber - guess what she chose?  Yep, little pieces all over the living room right now.  
 I thought this was funny.  I was talking to someone in Old Navy and then looked over to see this - She fits right in.
 We also had the luck of having lunch at McDonalds with our friends Clint and Miranda Robinson.  We miss them.  I'm glad they could meet us.  I love that Savannah knows who they are even though they live almost 2 hours away now.  Here she is being sassy at Micky Ds.

Oh yea, and she was running in Gap and hit her head on the wall divider.  Pretty funny.  I always laugh first, then react with concern when she does stuff like that.  Is that okay?  Well, it's how I am.  She's fine.  It just bruised.  But she insisted on wearing this huge band aid for two days, now she's dealing with the rash the band aid caused.  Oh well - gotta love Savannah Sue.


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