Friday, March 18, 2011

This blog is VOID

So the other day a friend of ours posted on my facebook and said,  
"Your blog entries are entirely void of pretense. I really like that." 
Wanting to receive the complement correctly, I then googled "void of pretense" - only to come up with websites that said things about contracts and loans.  So then I tried just the word "pretense" - also no clear answer.  Then we texted a friend of ours who's really smart about words and sayings and he told me that it means "not pretending to be something you're not". (he also said that the person who originally said that term was void of pretense when it comes to words...but that's a whole other web for me to unwind)  If you know me, you know I'm not pretending to be this awesome. 

So, here's a picture of Savannah in a ball gown and an old lady sweater, clutching on to her hand made (in Panama) purse, trying to eat her burnt, homemade granola before Brisco gets it while sitting in a cow folding chair.  Hope it's void enough for you - friend. 


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