Saturday, December 24, 2011


We've been working hard and gearing up for Jesus' birthday and Savannah's first experience with understanding Santa!  We've also been getting pretty crafty around here - thanks to my new favorite website....

Today we made gingerbread cookies for Santa, then Travis and Savannah penned one another's note's to Santa.  The top one was what Savannah said and Travis wrote out - the bottom one is what Travis said and Savannah wrote out.  Not sure why she thinks I need another purse.....

Here she is working on some ornaments we made out of paint brushes.

Nativity door hanger.  Just cut and paste :) 

Savannah also got crafty with Jasey.  They made a "gingerbread" house. 

My dad and Sav made this bird house.  I've actually only seen birds eating from it once.  They'll catch on....

 We decided this year to not buy wrapping paper.  Instead I started getting paper bags instead of plastic and we wrapped stuff in the bags.  I went to our favorite paint store (Sherwin Williams) and got some color sample cards and used those to make gift tags.  
Time for some celebrating!!


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