Friday, December 30, 2011


We had an excellent Christmas 2011.  There's just too much to really write all about it - so I'm just leaving pictures and small captions.  Highlights: Savannah loving all things dresses and make up, too many people at church that we literally couldn't get a seat, Oklahoma, and Jesus' Birthday. 

 I love our church.  And unless you went to Cornerstone for Christmas Eve - I bet you didn't hear the word "diarrhea" from stage at your church service.

Dress number one.  From my Aunts and Grandma.  Savannah hated to take it off.  She thinks she's a bride.

This things as tall as Savannah and was a surprise gift left on our porch from my dad.

Santa put up streamers when he came.  Savannah was pretty impressed.

My dad made Savannah this shield and a sword.  She's pretty tough with it.  

Savannah did the best yet on our 8 hour car ride to "HopaHoma".  

And did I mention Morgan Ferry came down with us?  And what would a trip to Pryor be without filling up for the day at Carls Junior?

Dress number 2.  The hat really sells this one :)

Nope, Aunt Sis, those will not fit you.

Pipes plus guns....must be the south...

Birthday cake for Jesus.  It says "Happy Birthday Jesus - I love you. - Savannah".  

And then later will fill up at Braum's.....

After all the Christmas festivities we go to check out the Oklahoma Aquarium.  It was pretty cool  We could pet and hold all kinds of things - star fish, strip, crabs, sting rays.....

And they had SHAAAARKS!!!

And finally we made it home - Travis and Savannah were happy to be back on their couch doing what they love and do best!


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