Friday, December 2, 2011

face paint

A couple weekends ago we took Savannah down town for a winter festival thing.  Let me say - it's just WAY TOO COLD here to have a fun winter festival.  All the walking between stores was not worth the 3 cookies Savannah barely decorated and ate.  They also had a horse drawn carriage that we couldn't get ourselves to ride.

The high light was Savannah getting her face painted at Heroic Ink (the tattoo shop we go to) - funny story ....

Savannah wanted a princess on her cheek. She kept talking about it on the way there.  When we got there she pointed to the sheet below to the face with a candy cane on it.
Me: "you want the candy cane?"
Sav : " No, that one" - pointing to the candy cane face
Me: " you want the face with the candy cane?"
Sav: " No - I want the face!  The princess face"

She wanted the actual face on her face. Not the candy cane.


Rachel N.

I kept scrolling down waiting for the photo of Savannah's face on her face. It wasn't there. Womp. Now this is my face :(

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