Tuesday, July 10, 2012

17 is the new feeling good

So a lot of people around here ask me about how I've been feeling later, and there's also the talk of "are you showing yet? " So I thought maybe it was time for a baby#2 how's it going check in.  I haven't made much mention of it on my blog yet.  
Here's a picture of what's going on.  You be the judge.  

I went to the doctor today for my regular check up.  I took Savannah with since it wasn't a long appointment.  That was fun.  She really liked listening to the heart rate.  We're all good here!  I wonder if I can get my hands on the records from last time.  It'd be interesting to know what Savannah's heart rate was and how much weight i'd gained by this point with her.  I honestly have no idea.  

The first several weeks with this one were much like the first few with Savannah.  Super nauseous and very very very tired, all the time, very tired.   A couple weeks ago I stopped taking naps every day and started just resting and this week I have felt great all day most days.  Last night was the first time in at least 8 weeks that I actually cooked dinner!  Travis has been great about picking up where i've been slacking off with meals and the house and Savannah.  Luckily he doesn't care too much about the order of the inside and outside of our house :) 

Not feeling kicks yet, not wearing maternity clothes yet, and not eating for two yet.  
I am however pretty much only wearing skirts and dresses, and I am spending a little less time baking in the sun these days than I normally do in the summer.  

Am I showing? You be the judge - depends on the day I think.  


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