Monday, July 2, 2012

On the road again

We headed back to the OK country today. One thing I love about my phone is that I can blog from the car!
It takes us about 9 hours to get to Travis' parents house. So how do we get through it? Here's a few of our tricks :
I made savannah a lap desk for Christmas list year. She uses it for everything in the car. It cost about $2 to make.

We watched 2 movies from the library today. It seems risky taking them out of state, but the newness it worth it.

We got a ton a junky toys from dollar tree. Every hour or two that Savannah doesn't whine she gets to pick one to play with.

I also let savannah pack a small bag of her own toys along with some crayons and coloring sheets I printed. We were surprised to see she'd packed a can of enchilada sauce.... Until he also pulled out a spoon and showed us her "drum". How inventive!

And yeah, I bribed her into a nap in the car with Cotten candy. But what eves - it worked!


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