Monday, July 9, 2012

Pinterest WINS AND FAILS July 2012

Yep yep yep - Here we go again!  I've been doing a lot more trying out pins lately since we've had some road trips and I've been having a little more energy these days.  The second trimester of this pregnancy may have kicked in!  So here's what you have been waiting for - WINS AND FAILS!

This Braid Thing : 
So my hair is super thing, and Travis even laughed when I showed I'm what it was supposed to look like, because it wasn't like this - but the general idea still worked out for me.  Totally try it if you don't have baby fine hair!  Or if you do :) 

I made these for Savannah a few weeks ago and she loved them.  I threw in some strawberries so they'd be pink because she's more likely to try anything that's pink.  Travis liked them too - despite his aversion to coconut.  I'm all for all kinds of homemade popsicles!  

DIY Wasp Trap
I should have known when the picture was sideways.... They say to combine vinegar and sugar and put it in the funnel contraption made from a two liter bottle.  It didn't work at all.  We have tons of wasps back by our pool and not a ONE of them went into the trap.  BOO. 

I don't like iced coffee myself, but Travis and my dad both would say that this is, in fact, the perfect iced coffee.  It was easy and lasted several days in our refrigerator.  The only down side was that Travis found himself drinking way more coffee than normal because it was so accessible.  I plan on keeping this around for the rest of the summer. 

It worked okay.  I think that the flat iron kinda takes away from that "beachy" texture.  But it did add some texture to my otherwise flat hair and i'd probably do it again.  It was quick, I'll give it that!  

We had a blast walking around our neighborhood doing this.  We only went about 4 blocks (which can take up to 45 minutes if we aren't trying to get somewhere) and found most of the things.  We even added some things along the way.  Then we made our own scavenger hunt for the next time we went walking.  It was a super fun after dinner / before bed family thing to do!

Wash towels in Vinegar: 
wash towels in 1 Cup of vinegar on hot, then again with 1/2 cup of baking soda on hot. They will smell 10 times better.

Just try it.  I don't know - maybe your towels don't smell weird.  But mine sure did.  I look forward to doing this with our beach towels too.  We have been using them so much lately, I hardly find time to wash them.  You can't smell the vinegar on them at all.  Awesome.  

I also had tried and looked at several sights for traveling in the car with kids for ideas for our trip to Oklahoma, but I wasn't impressed with any of them.  I think I even deleted the pins.  Ya know what - just get creative on that and do what your kid likes.  If they like movies, watch them.  If they like coloring, print some stuff off for them.  If they like games, play them.  Not that hard :) 


Bethany Sines

I found a post by a blog that I follow that has great ideas for kid activities during car rides. Here's the link. Scroll passed the graduation stuff and somewhere in the middle of the post you'll find a photo with "road trip fun" ideas. they sound awesome.

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