Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mom & Dad

I've recently gotten some good pictures (and pictures of pictures) of my parents so I thought it'd be fun to post them.  Love you Mom and Dad!  Thanks for taking care of me and my family!

Here's my parents after church a few weeks ago.  They kinda matched, and I'm sure they don't get pictures taken together enough - Travis and I never do - so I made them pose.  

My mom and I found this one when we were looking for some other old pictures the other day.  I don't know what year this was exactly, but I was impressed that Savannah could identify the man in the picture.  Hippie much???

Here's an oldie but a super goodie!  Must have been a few years after the beer making picture above because my dad's hair is shorter, but Mom's feathery do makes up for it.  

Love you guys!


Katie Rose

love these! i have always thought that your mom is so beautiful!

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