Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today we celebrate the Birthday of Travis Pierce - The Main Man in my life! He's turing...older :)

Savannah and I are so proud of him. He started a new job this week and has been handling all the newness so well. He is making new friends easily, charming his way into everyone's hearts. He is learning all kinds of new procedures, policies, names, and students. He's doing great!

Travis works really hard. He teaches during the school year then paints with my dad all summer. If anyone needs help with something that he is able to help them with, he is there. If anyone wants to talk about their problems, no matter the hour, he is there. If I ask him to do something to help me out, he will. And if Savannah needs his protection, leadership, or just a good tickle - he is there.

We're glad that we get to have him around another year and I am excited more than ever to have another dude in the world that will likely be just like him!


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