Thursday, November 8, 2012

Events of last weekish or more

I found a bunch of pictures on my phone - I think mostly pictures that I took to text to people.  But they describe some life events so I'm sharin them. 

I lost one of the diamonds from my engagement ring.  Tomorrow we celebrate 10 strong years of being married.  Luckily it's not hugely expensive to get it replaced so we'll probably do that sometime.  Still a little sad.  

Savannah has been sleeping in our bed about an hour every morning.  Sometimes (much) more, sometimes less.  I don't love it - but at the same time I'm really trying to cherish every moment we have left with our only child.  

I had a flat tire a couple weeks ago - did I post this already?  I just thought it was funny that I got three fully capable men to come to my rescue.  The cold weather and the 8 month old child in my stomach probably helped. 

Did we mention that Travis got a motorcycle?  A lady who he works with just stopped by one night and randomly dropped it off for him!  He's pretty pumped. 

And then a whole bunch of woman that I love had a surprise baby shower for us.  And THEY gave us a motorcycle too!  (complements of LeeAnn Farner)  It was a really fun time.  And we super appreciate all the love and gifts.  We may just be ready for another baby after all ...well....idk about that. 


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