Thursday, November 1, 2012

Minneapolis is our Bro

I think that most couples have their city.  Or at least their place.  You know, the one that is their go to - the place where they know what's up - where they always feel good about going to.  Some of our friends really like going to Kansas City, some of them like Chicago.  For my parents I think it's probably Okaboji.  To each his own.  But we are Minneapolis people.  Always have been!  Before Savannah was born we would head up there a couple times a year for shows and to shop.  It's been a while, so Travis and I decided to spend a couple days there to celebrate our upcoming 10 year anniversary.  We considered planning some new activities this time, but as it came closer to our trip we decided that we probably always just do the same things up there because those are the things we like.

We stayed at a Courtyard Hotel that I found online.  I used our credit card points to pay for it so even though it was only $65 a night, it was actually FREE!  It was one of the nicest cheap end hotels I've ever stayed at for sure.  And I realized as we were passing hotels on the way there that Travis knows what company owns every hotel out there.  I guess it's a hidden talent he has.  Marriot owns Courtyards I guess.  His years of touring with Spoken gave him some valuable life experience :)

We took it pretty easy.  Went to bed early Friday night, after we watched King of Queens for an hour.  Saturday we ate breakfast at IHop, shopped around Uptown, ate lunch at Global Market, got 15 minute massages at the Mall.  Then we went back to our Hotel to watch the OU game.  We got some chips and salsa and beer - and since the Dish wasn't working in our room we ended up taking it all down to the lobby to watch it on the TV down there.  It wasn't very classy.  Whateves - it's not like we care.  Sunday we did a flash through at IKEA in just under two hours - that includes eating a 99 cent breakfast and eating lunch.  I feel pretty accomplished in that.
Here's the few pictures I took:


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