Friday, November 23, 2012


Here's just some pictures from my phone.  

Savannah has been having fun scrolling through the Christmas / Holiday isles at the stores.  She's in the mood for Christmas.  Shopping with her (especially during week day mornings) is pretty fun because we both just kind of space off into the isles and look at all the pretty things.  Of course, sometimes she gets going on a project while I shop - like this one - hanging candy cans on each other. 

I took a bath at a friends house the other day.  I remembered that they had a great big tub with Jacuzzi jets in it so I just went ahead and asked.  It was so warm, and so relaxing!  Needless to say, I'm going back.  :)  It's a little weird, and humbling to beg to use someone else's bathtub, but well worth it at this point in pregnancy.  Fortunately for them, they live on the other side of Ames and the 15 minute drive is enough to keep me from coming back every single day.  

Our friends that moved to Des Moines earlier this year bought a new house, so while Savannah had some time off of school last week, she and I went to visit them.  They have a daughter that's 2 1/2.  Savannah loves playing playing with her!  

Just watching TV at home.  It's whatever. 

Our annual Escape22 Fall retreat was a couple weekends ago.  I wasn't sure how'd i'd weather it this year being so big and tired and uncomfortable, but one way I managed was by driving myself around camp everywhere.  Which also meant fitting as many girls in my car as I could all weekend.  You can't see them all, but if we include the two babies that are inside my and Samantha's bodies in this picture, there are 14 people crammed into my car.  It was only a 4 minute drive. 


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