Thursday, March 7, 2013

Attic Process

If you're in our lives then you know that we've been working vigorously on finishing our attic over the last few months.  Well - it's done! And it's amazing.  Reactions so far include "Is this on Pinterest? It should be!" "This is so Romantic" - said by an Albanian woman, and "Whoa, can I live here in college?"

We were a little retarded and did not take any actual BEFORE pictures.  So I'll tell you - it wasn't so pretty.  The walls just had insulation on them.  Travis (and teams and teams of our friends) had to measure and cut every awkward angled piece of dry wall and put it up there.  

Then they mudded and taped it all.  Then textured the walls.  My dad called this kind of texture "European mud knock down" or something like that. He was trying to sell it to me because I prefer flat smooth walls.  But they talked me into it and I like it now. 

Savannah has spent her share of time up there playing and "helping".  The girl has no fear.  She runs circles around the chimney, walks out on planks, and flys up and down the stairs. 

We painted it a color called "Comfort Gray".  It's kinda blue/gray. Travis hates it but I think it's inviting, relaxing and calming.  

We put a coat of some kind of finish on the floor.  I wanted to keep it and just throw down a couple rugs because I think that the 100 year old floor is pretty awesome.  We put the same coating on the chimney to keep the mortar from crumbling.

Here's my dad being kind of accidentally dorky.  He's awesome.  We could not have done the attic without his know how or his hard work.

We actually have just a few things to totally finish so I'll post some pictures when it's %100.  Bet ya can't wait!


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