Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sleeping Probs

Savannah slept through the night when she was 9 weeks old.  Not this new guy! 
You can possibly imagine how exhausted Travis and I are becoming since we fully expected baby number two to mimic baby number one.  Here we are, three weeks later, and still not even close to sleeping through the night.  Charlie has something going on in his tummy that is making it hard for him to sleep.  A couple weeks ago we had the good fortune of chatting with a pediatrician friend of ours who helped us rule out his formula as the source of his issues.  We were so so blessed by her willingness to talk to me during a really stressful week.  The next week I finally caved and took Charlie to the Chiropractor.  The following 24 hours were the most peaceful hours of his life!  He has had a dramatic improvement since then - but he still wakes up from naps and night sleeping often and has to be soothed back to sleep.  We are sure it's stomach/gas related. 
Anyway, here he is taking a nap right now.  See if you can identify all the "wrong" things in this picture :) 
#secondbaby #whatworks

Stuffed animal in crib with baby
Blanket on baby
Blanket under baby
Pacifier leash attached to baby
Baby laying on sleeping wedge
Sleeping wedge with side sleeper pillows attached
Heavy wall decor above crib - I do plan on taking those down asap


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