Tuesday, March 26, 2013


You probably heard that we had company from India last week.  It was great!
We finally finished our attic space up so they could stay up there, which gave us ample space for everyone to live and play and sleep.  The girls spent 4 days non stop playing pretend -
"Let's pretend I'm the princess and you're the dog"
"Let's pretend I'm the teacher, and you're the student, and you're the mommy"
"I'll be the horse, and you be the queen and the monster"
Stuff like that.  

When Greg and Shannon and Lani and Maggie first got here, the first thing Maggie wanted to do was make snow angles.  The girl is almost 4, and has lived in India for two years so her experience with snow is pretty limited.  

Soon after they arrived, the other adults went to work out with Travis at Surefire - leaving me with these three characters.  :)

As Travis and Greg get older, and our families grow, it really is more and more fun to spend time together.  It was a really fun visit for all of us I think. 

Toward the end the girls started getting restless.  Come on Iowa!  It's spring already!  
So we took them out to the church just to run around for an hour.  Another day we took them to Walmart just to walk.  They did great playing in our house, but you really just have to run sometiems. 

Oh, and this guy was around for all of it too. 

Shannon left a day early to spend some time in Florida, so Travis and Greg and I met my parents for some Karaoke on Friday night.  It's been a while since we've been down there so it was really fun.  Travis and Greg sang the song Double Vision - which was so ironic.  

Aren't they cute little twins? 
Why is Travis posing like that and why are Greg's eyes shut?

Sorry Shannon, no pictures of us.  Mommas get no love from cameras.  Oh well.  


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