Wednesday, May 20, 2009

blue berry baby

Warning, This post may be graffic. 

So recently we decided to start eating a lot of berries.  I got a bag of frozen mixed berries, and a bunch of fresh strawberries and went to town!  Savannah LOVES it!  I love it too - I do eat off her tray on the berry days.  A lot. 
Well last week she started taking antibiotics for yet another ear infection (this makes 6 I think).  Ususally she takes Omniseph which gives her "The D" so I read up and found that blue berries can counter act that.  So we went for it.  I gave her blue berries at every meal.  Luckily, she hasn't really had "The D" this week, infact, she didn't poop at all for two days.  And now that she's off the berries, she's pooped 5 times today - all hard rocky poops.   Yesterday she even broke into tears trying to get one out.  Sad sad.  So my point... I don't know.  Berries. 
ps Tomorrow she's one!


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