Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Switch

Savannah is one now - That means some changes in her life.  
This week we are making the switch from Soy Formula to Whole milk. 
I will say, I was pretty nervous about it.  When she was just born we had given her milk based formula and she screamed and screamed!  Once we put her on the soy, she was totally fine.  But being lactos intolerant myself, that is not something I would wish for my baby.  We decided to try the milk out.  We started Sunday putting 2oz of Milk in each of her 5-8oz bottles.  So far so good.  Next week we'll make it 3oz of milk per bottle.  She may be just a little lactos like Travis, which would still save us some money and hassle.  We'll see! 

Below are some post-birthday pictures of the weekend. 

Grammy and Poppy got her a wagon.  She does actually love it.  I don't know what this face was about!
She was a little upset when they left on Sunday night. 

We got some pool time in too! Savannah takes after her momma - she LOVES the water!
Modest swim wear - check
Sunny day with 80 degree temps - check
Plastic cup that's cooler than all the pool toys - check

Here's a little post Birthday dance move.  Actually, I think it was mid-tripping, but it looks like a dance move. 


mrs. barton

bahahahaha!!!! the dance move is the best!

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