Friday, May 8, 2009

I read a book.

The Fruit of her Hands, by Nancy Wilson
I will now make  a list of my thoughts, feelings , and opinions: 

1. The book is mostly about being a wife that respects her husband.  The entire first half of the book addresses this issue with biblical back up and countless examples.  

2. I liked how it really promotes the need for wives/moms to be in the word daily.  It does not allow for the old "well I just read  a verse a day in passing" - but I think it does go a little over board, suggesting that women should read at least 3-6 chapters a day!  

3. There's a good section on the way that women interact with one another.  It talks about the way we can really tear eachother down (in person or in gossip).  Good thoughts and reminders. 

4. The end got a little controversial for me.  When talking about Home making she really got too black and white for my taste, stating that if your house is a mess and disorganized that you are not honoring God.  Not so.  Too much depends on the situation.  She also had a section about busybodies, which I agreed and totally disagreed with at the same time.  Good to think about though.  

Over all I'd give the book a 6 out of 10.  It's short and easy to read and makes you think, but also a little too heavy on the option vs bible scale.  Needs more Bible. 

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