Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What Big Teeth you have...

My dad's sisters and mom are in town so we had some fun at the park with them the other day:

Here's my aunt Karen with Savannah.  She seems to take a liking to Karen - probably because she has blonde hair and looks more like me than my other relatives.  Karen and I share the same sweet tooth - I'm sure Savannah will one day join us!
Here Savannah is showing my aunt Cindy how much she loves Brisco!  Awww.
And here is Savannah with my Grandma Charlson.  She is 85 years old.  She adores Savannah and I'm glad she can visit us from Oregon to spend some time with her. 
And her she is going to down the slid with my dad playing catcher.  She's really starting to get good at sliding.  It works her abs. 
Party on Garth!




i actually put my own home management notebook together. if you google it, quite a few links will pop up; i got my ideas from these. i have everything from cleaning schedules/how-tos to recipes to gift ideas for todd (and now atticus) to decorating ideas to garden plans to meal calendars...it's still a work in progress, but it's been a huge blessing, because everything "casa van voorst" is right there...i call it "the plan."

once, i spilled jello juice on the counter and it was all pink and stainy, and i was screaming, "TODD, GET THE PLAN! GET THE PLAN! oh my word, oh my word! GET THE PLAN!" and sure enough, the plan had tips on getting jello stains off counter tops.

i'd love to show you mine sometime if you're interested!

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