Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hi Daddy!

Travis was complaining that he didn't have any new updates to look at while he's at work this week, so here we go! This one's for you babe!

Savannah's been a little sick this week. We started the week out wearing only diappers because she had her first case of the flu since becoming mobil. It was dangerous. Below: She's sick of oatmeal. That's about all I've been letting her eat this week. So I took some fun pictures of her to make it more exciting.
She looks like oatmeal Hittler.

I have no idea what I did to make her laugh so much, but it was good!

This is probably where she got the flu.
We went to eat in Des Moines for Trav's birthday last weekend and stopped at Jourdan Creek to play.
You can tell how much she loved her first ride ever. Her face stayed like this the WHOLE ride, until she finally cried.

Grandpa will do anything for a laugh. Including hitting himself in the head over and over.
Our little copy cat.
I'm working backwards here. Last week we had Max over to play for an hour. You can just see the magic in the air, can't you. :) No seriously - we DID have fun .... eventually.


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