Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night at Escape we continued on with our series on 1 Corinthians. The book as a whole is a huge call to leave sin behind and walk in righteousness. Cody challenged the students last night to treat there sin like the cancer it is. To cut it out of their lives and deal radically with it. We gave them the opportunity to write the sin that they can't get rid of down on a piece of paper and literally hammer it to a cross we had at the front (the same cross that my dad made that got him first involved at cornerstone - longer story later). 80 out the 120 students put their sin on the cross. Today is the day we see what will come of it.

After Escape I got to talking to one of the girls about her sin issue. I remembered Cody talking about sin being a cancer - I just recently had a potentially cancerous spot cut out of my leg. The spot was just a weird mole - not too big. I had it tested and it turned out to be NOT cancer, but it was something that COULD one day turn into cancer so the doctor asked me to have it removed. I already had a small scar from getting it tested so I thought "sure, just put another scar on this scar - no big deal". Boy was I wrong! They cut out the spot, anything close to the spot, and anything close to that! They cut out anything that could ever lead to the spot growing back! They left me with a 4 inch scar on my leg!

That's how we are to deal with sin. Cut it out! Cut out everything that causes you to sin, and everything that might cause you to sin, and everything that's close to that. Then you'll be safe. Then you'll be pure. Then you'll be ready to heal.


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