Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Totally Glam...

Savannah and I live pretty glamorous lives.  Especially on days like today - when we can just drive around doing super fun, super posh stuff.  

 Savannah slept in until 8:30 this morning!  I know, crazy.  So we got a late start.  We had plans to go out to play with some friends at their house (kinda in the country..wide open space to run and run),  but before we did that we got the car washed.   It's a little freaky when soap is covering all the windows.  I almost alway lock the doors when we're in there.   I mean, talk about the perfect place to murder someone.

After our play date (no photos, sorry) we went to the  flower store to pick up our monthly FREE flower bouquet.  Savannah loves the one day a month we go to the flower store.  They always have new gifty type stuff for her to look at.

And after the flower store, we always go to the near by pet store.  She likes to play with the puppies and look at the fist the most.  This is actually a really fun FREE thing to do with kids.

Last stop on our GLAMOURS day was for two happy meals at McDonalds.  I mean, we had to finish all off on a high class note.  Right?


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