Saturday, June 4, 2011

Birthday photo shoot

I've been holding on to these puppies since Savannah's birthday - Saving them for a rainy day when I didn't have anything to blog about I guess.  

One thing I love about Savannah is her sense of humor.   She knows that it's funny to lift her eye brows when I'm telling her something.  She knows it's funny to give me a raspberry on the cheek when I'm checking out at the grocery store.  She knows it's funny to tell me that MY name is "Grandpa".

I also love her ability to day dream and pretend.  She makes up songs.  She plays "nap time" with her babies.  She makes me lunch out of an empty bowl and a balloon.

Savannah baby, we love you.  Thanks for being so awesome.  Thanks for loving us back!


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