Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Thing I can't live without - SAVANNAH addition

Just some things my girl is loving these days!

Savannah got these from Dewy's for her Birthday.   Bath Color Tabs.  They're pretty rad.  Sometimes we get crazy and put two different colors in.  Just mixin the bath water up!

Her MOMMAAY!  Whazzup! (Doesn't she look like she's into me?)

That last one was kinda a joke, but this one is SER-EEE-OUS.
This little Beaut has saved all our lives!
It's the Goodnight Night Light.  I bought it off Amazon.  I set it for her bed time (7:30pm) and for the time I want her to wake up (7am).  It turns blue in the middle at bed time, and stays blue (like the moon) all night, letting her know that even though it's light outside, it IS bedtime.  Then at wake up time the whole thing turns yellow (like the sun) so she knows when it's appropriate to come out of her room.  
I knew I needed this when Savannah started waking up with the sun at 5:30am.  Sometimes I hear her wake up before 7, but it's great because she stays in her room until the sun turns yellow! Love it. 

This one was 3 bucks! At Walmart.  
A bubble sword.  It makes humungous bubbles like I've never been able to make before.  Travis is really good at making really big bubbles with it :) But he really is.  Best $3 Grammy ever spent!


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