Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Is this Heaven? No, it's Big Creek.

Have I told you how much my family loves water?  And boating.  And Sunshine. 
We finally got out on the boat last weekend for Father's day.  
Here's Savannah already to go.  She absolutely LOVES going boating.  It's the one thing we will allow her to skip a nap for.  I can't even remember the last time she skipped a nap before Sunday. 

Unfortunately for her, it's the law that all little girls must wear "boat jackets" when they're on the lake.  She got used to it. 

We like to just put around for a while, eat lunch, get our sun block on..... then we usually pull up to the shore so Savannah can swim in the water. She's getting really good at swimming for a 3 yr old.  
Here's my mom trying to push us off the shore by herself.  It was pretty funny.   Travis ended up jumping out and helping her. 

Moment of Chaos! Let me tell you what's going on here : 
Travis just reeled in TWO fish on those poles. 
My dad is trying to get a fishing hook out of the rug before Sav steps on it. 
Savannah suddenly yells out "I have to go potty!!!". 
All at once. 
Right after this picture was taken my dad tripped over the potty chair (full of urine) and Travis dumped over my drink onto the cd player.  It was pretty hilarious. All in about 3 minutes time. 

Savannah was helping my dad fish by using the air pump on his fishing pole.  This was right around nap time - she was losing it mentally. 

Travis' standard boating position.  It's hard work to be out there all day. 

Later in the day we put let Savannah jump out in the middle of the lake with us.  She's really confident and brave when it comes to water, which is both good and bad.  More good I think. This was in about 12 feet of water. 

Here we go - reeling in a fish with Grandpa on her Barbie pole.  This really was the "one that got away" though.  Grandpa and Daddy were more upset about it than Savannah. 

All in all - looking forward to more boat life.  Let's hope the weather evens out here soon!


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