Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a day on the town.

This RARELY happens.  But this is what a casual, no agenda, morning looks like when it's just us girls and no where to be.  

We wonder down town, get some coffee ( or juice, whateves).  Then Savannah says "we gonna sit and talk a while?" and I say "sure Baby, why not".  A "while"turns into about 3 or 4 minutes, then Savannah's up and running around the Coffee shop.  So we move on. 

Then we head to a park.  If we don't have anything going on then we usually go to an out of the way, random park.  On this particular day we went to a park at University Village (visible from Stange).  It's a GREAT play ground.  I was thinking maybe we'd meet some international students and their kids while we were there, would have been fun, right?  But no, not a single soul joined us that day.  Oh well. Great playground. 

Then we might try to eat lunch at the park.  Eating lunch isn't really Savannah's main thing these days.  Just stopping to eat in general isn't.  She's a big snacker, and a big snack food lover.  I'm trying to change  this.  She's gone to bed without dinner several nights lately.  When all SHE wants is granola bars and fruit snacks and all I want is for her to eat just 4 bites of dinner it just turns in to a flat out battle of the wills.  I'm winning.  

Love these kind of days. 


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