Monday, January 2, 2012

Memory Monday - a look at my diary.

Yesterday my mom handed me one of those "I don't want your stuff so take it or I'm thawing it away" boxes.  I think anyone who's moved out of their parent's house knows what I'm talking about :)
This particular box contained some old journals of mine.  Wow.  They ranged from 1991 (when I was 9) until 2001 - the year Travis and I started dating.  So maybe for the next several Monday's I will bless you with my private thoughts and then some commentary on how I feel about it now :)

january 15th, 1991 ( 9 years old)
Dear Diary, 
today has ben a bad and good day.  this morning my mom woke me up late.  And I was in such a hurry  I for got my shoes at home.  tonight I lost my tooth. and at school I helped Any dig a tunol in the snow at last recess just before the bell rang we met then it was finished. to night my mom yelled at me because I pushed the buten on the phone that sed speaker phone when she was talking.  other then that my day was fine.  Well maybe not all fine because Miss Mully got mad at me for something I didn't do.  Well that was my day.  

january 17th, 1991
Dear Diary, 
last night war started in Iran.  yesterday someone caved in our tunnel. 

I love how simple it all was.  Let me explain - I probably was upset that I'd had to wear snow boots all day long at school because I didn't bring any other shoes, and I had probably spent most of the day upset with my mom for it because I wanted it to be someone else's fault.  Interesting that the blame game starts oh so early in life.  I liked loosing teeth - so that was a good part.  And I was pretty excited about the tunnel thing.  I probably pushed the speaker phone button on purpose to annoy her - I used to do that a lot because I was a stinker and also kind bored a lot.  Who knows what I did at school to make my teach mad - but I really respected Mrs Mully for a lot of reasons, so I know that whatever it was, I really didn't do it - or at least didn't mean to do it.  I wasn't old enough by then to know that sometimes people get upset about other things and they accidentally take it out on you.

I think its funny that I wrote down that night when war started.  I remember watching on tv and seeing the little white lights (bombs) fly through the dark on tv.  I didn't have a clue what was going on, but I knew enough to know that I should remember that.  I probably thought I was going to end up being like Anne Frank or something.  But the tunnel getting caved in was probably what was really on my mind that night.

So really - it's not that simple at all.  No matter what age we are.  Motives, emotions, and wars can get in the way.



1. todd's mom is going through the same 'now that you have a house, here's your stuff' phase. i cannot describe the sheer number of baseball cards and michael jackson posters we now possess. (also, we're the proud owners of a bunch of cub scout patches, and todd was never in cub scouts. so if you're interested...)

i clearly remember beginning one of my journals with, 'if you're an archaeologist and you find this, i am a ten year old girl and it is 1996.'

ah, to be young again.

do you still have a habit of journaling?

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