Friday, March 9, 2012

Then you can get out and walk....

Last night we were on our way home from a friend's house.  This friend lives less than a mile away.  It was dinner time and Savannah started whining in the car about how "Hungawy" she was.  I told her I didn't have any food in the car and that I'd make dinner as soon as we got home, but the whining persisted for at least 4 blocks.  So finally I pulled over (about 3 blocks from home) and said 
"Savannah, I do not have any food for you in the car, but if you can't wait till we get home than you can get out of the car right here and look for some food outside.  But I'm going to drive home."

The look of fear and surprise on her face was priceless.  
Then she mumbled out "I think I want to drive home with you because I will have no idea how to get home.  I want to wait and eat at home"  Then silence. 

Chalk one up for Momma.  



You are an awesome mom!- Rachel

jessica kiehn

My mom did this to my two older siblings when we were little. They actually had to get out of the car and walk and the rest of us little kids were just in utter SHOCK. There was lots of sobbing and thoughts of how mean Mom is. But we'll never forget it! Got the point across!

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